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Pickup Truck Tanks

Designed to fit full-size, American-made pickups, the 325 and 425 sizes have low profiles for better rear vision. They feature fill openings offset to the side of the tank for safety and easy access. A tough circular design adds strength. The 210 gallon tank fits both "mini" pickups and full-sized models. Depending upon which way the tank is turned, the bottom width can be either 39" or 48".Our pickup truck tanks feature built-in, graduated gallon indicators and slosh-proof lids. An installed bulkhead fitting is standard in the pickup truck tanks.

Above Ground Pickup Truck Tanks
Gallon CapacityTop Width/DiameterBottom Width/DiameterOverall HeightOutlet / Drain SpecificationFill OpeningPart No.Avail
210 60"/51" 48"/39" 29" 2"-(63481) 2" siphon (60335) 8"-(63480) 40300 A
325 62" 49" 33" 2"-(63481) 2" siphon (60335) 8"-(63480) 40160 A
425 65" 49" 39" 2"-(63481) 2" siphon (60335) 8"-(63480) 40102 A

Availability Key: A=All; B=St. Bonifacius, MN; C=Lancaster, OH; D=Griffin, GA; E=Shawnee, OK; F=Tooele, UT; G=Owego, NY; H=Washougal, WA; I=Sheldon, IA; L=Hanford, CA; P=Petersburg, TX; T=Fairfield, TX

Tank dimensions and capacities may vary slightly and are subject to change without notice.